ItsOKAYtoVoteNO Endorses Mike Wiles for School Board

Mike Wiles is an incumbent Columbus City School Board candidate that is not afraid to take a stance against Issues 50 & 51. He believes in questioning excess spending and enabling building principals and teachers to make decisions at the building level to impact student lives. He wants the kids put first and is not afraid to not only return parent phone calls and emails, but he will talk with parents and community members to answer questions or concerns.  ItsOKAYtoVoteNo fully supports and endorses the re-election of MIKE WILES!

Mike Wiles for School BoardMike Wiles is a bit of an odd duck. He comes to Council meetings dressed either in work clothes or a Hawaiian shirt with long hair. However, Mike will talk with you after the meetings. He is one of the few board members who actually asks questions about what it is that the person is saying. He isn’t afraid to ask a clarifying question to enhance understanding as the rest of the board looks at you and gives you generic thank yous when you are done speaking.

Mike Wiles may seem to be taking a typical Republican stance by being against the levy and talking about all the excess spending, but he’s not trying to imply that change isn’t needed. He is talking about getting empowerment back to the principals and teachers and enabling them to make adjustments that can make a difference in the children’s lives.  He has done all the things that people who want to get into politics are warned away from. His life path is different than most and that knowledge makes the difference in how he thinks about education.

With his life experiences and uncompromising values, he has been able to not only shock people with what he thinks, but he also has been able to win over various supporters such as Brad Sinnott (head of the GOP Committee in Columbus) and former board member Stephanie Groce. In addition, he has been able to get even critics such as Carol Perkins and Linda Henry to acknowledge that his passions are motivated by an interest of what is best.

Rather than continuing to bash on the records scandal, Wiles acknowledges that having a Central Registration addresses many of the concerns with transferring students; there are also whistle-blower policies in place to start to address the issue. Beyond that, he wants us to focus on bringing the school board back to serving as oversight to the superintendent rather than the rubber stamp it has been since that change was introduced so long ago.

Mike Wiles recommends things like Parent University, Parent Mentorship, establishing trade programs, getting parents involved in the focus of the schools, emphasis on the arts and foreign language at all levels, and having a Community Bridge with the parent consultants. We shouldn’t just have a third grade guarantee; we should have an every grade guarantee. Parents aren’t just here to make sure that kids eat breakfast before standardized tests or act as ATMs for the fundraisers. Mike Wiles believes that parents are the key to education, something that the school board and administration seem to have forgotten long ago.

Mike Wiles was a parent in Columbus City Schools and he has been working for the betterment of education for many years. He isn’t tied to any ideological belief system, and he makes up his own mind. He frequently plays the role of swing vote on the seven member council. As an independent thinker, he has been able to bring his thoughtfulness to his votes. His consideration is only heightened by the fact that he has no agenda to climb onto city council, as other members have previously done.


Note: We will not be endorsing any other school board candidates. We carefully considered all of the choices and felt that only Mike Wiles represented the values and ideas that we are looking for in a school board member who can bring real reform to our school district. We’d love to see more school board members like him.

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